B.Sc in Physics,Chemistry,Biology (PCB) – JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY

BSc in Physics Chemistry Biology JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY


eklavya educatorsJaipur National University, Jaipur came into existence in the year 2007. Two professional institutes of the Seedling Group, established in 2002, with several technical & professional programmes of studies, were merged with the University to form its major part.
In 2008, an expert panel of UGC members accorded approval to our programmes under Clause 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956. The School of Distance Education and Learning was accorded approval by the Joint Committee of the UGC- AICTE- DEC for offering programmes through Distance Education mode.


Course Fee 12000 x 3 (Year) 36000
Study Centre Fee 1600 x 3 (Year) 4800
Prospectus Fee 500 x 1 (Year) 500
Registration Fee 1000 x 1 (Year) 1000
Exam Fee 1800 x 3 (Year) 5400
Course Material/Sitting Fee 1100 x 3 (Year) 3300
Re-Registration Fee 500 x 2 (Year) 1000
Total Amount 52000

BSc in Physics Chemistry Biology JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY eklavya educators