Master of Arts (MA) – INTEGRAL

Master of Arts INTEGRAL


eklavya educatorsIntegral University, a seat of educational excellence, is a premier university in Lucknow, the Capital of Uttar Pradesh, India. The university had been established under the Act number 9 of 2004 by the U. P. State Government.
It is rather historic that, within a span of six years the Institute of Integral Technology on account of its educational excellence, credibility and value based education in a highly disciplined and decorous environment was recognized as a noted seat of learning all across the country and thus was granted a University status in 2004.


Course Fee 12800 x 2 (Year) 25600
Study Centre Fee 4800 x 1 4800
Prospectus Fee 00 x 0 0
Registration Fee 500 x 1 500
Exam Fee 0 x 0 0
Course Material/Sitting Fee 3400 X 1 3400
Re-Registration Fee 500 X 1 500
Total Amount 34800

Master of Arts INTEGRAL eklavya educators