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Master Of Business Administration SHIATS

MBA that is expanded to master of business administration is a two-year program introduced for aspiring managers. This program is well known for its career and salary enhancing advantages among the seekers from across the world. The course is uniquely devised to give its pursuers thorough business understanding through wide ranging disciplines. Specifically put, an MBA is an interdisciplinary program that proffers candidates with a chance to learn from various disciplines in order to develop their understanding on modern business ethics and strategies. An MBA is different from any other management degree at the master level, such as M. Sc. in management.

Here are the three chief points that make MBA a dissimilar program for its pursuers:
1. Dynamic nature of the course helps seekers gain from a wide range of subjects in order to develop a holistic learning approach towards management education.
2. An MBA is more than classroom learning and comprises of theory plus practical learning sessions carried out in the outside world to prepare learners for the real world working in advance.
3. Due to the versatile nature of the course, an MBA graduate is eligible for a variety of jobs into various fields including the core management sector. This also increases the high pay chances for them given that MBA is one of the highest paying degree in the world.

Specialization :

  1. HR Management
  2. Finance Management
  3. International & Business Management
  4. IT Communication
  5. Retail Management
  6. Marketing

eklavya educatorsSam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences (SHIATS), formerly Allahabad Agricultural Institute is a government aided deemed university located in Allahabad, India.Established in 1910 by Dr. Sam Higginbottom as Allahabad Agricultural Institute towards improving the economic status of rural population. It became the first institute in India to offer a degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1942.As a tribute to its founder, the institution submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Human Resource Development in 2009 to re-christen Allahabad Agricultural Institute as Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences.The academic infrastructure of the university is organized into eight faculties (8) — which are divided into twenty two (22) constituent schools. It contains a total of seventy eight (78) academic departments and three (3) research centres with emphasis on scientific, agricultural, technological education and research.


Course Fee 11000 x 4 (Sem) 44000
Study Center Fee 4500 x 1 4500
Form Fee 300 x 1 (Sem) 300
Registration Fee 750 x 1 (Sem) 750
Exam Fee 900 x 4 (Sem) 3600
Sitting Fee 3750 x 1 3750
Re-Registration Fee 750 x 1 750
Total Amount 57650

Master Of Business Administration SHIATS eklavya educators