Ph.D in Management

2 Year Programme
Eligibility : Post Graduation Or M.Phil

PhD in Management can be sought after from any of the universities in the country. However this journey takes long route to get you to the final destination. There in the voyage is required a lot of hard efforts, discipline and commitment. You need to spend several years researching and writing your thesis in order to get the title doctor before your name. PhD in Management is not for everyone. But if it is endeavored, brings tremendous benefits for its pursuers. This title suddenly expands the scope of employment since many companies prefer seekers who hold PhD in Management. Aside to that, degree holder has extended employment in business research and education world. So, getting the respective title is important. We offer wide range of specializations and subjects under management where you can earn your doctorate in. Each of the programs is updated for bringing you the cutting edge over others. Professional competence is sharpened in the course of study and you accrue advanced knowledge on management principles and its fundamentals. Our PhD in Management programs are fully funded, empowering those who are lacking financial support. You also can seek expert assistance in order to gain good sense in a particular concentration under management. Inquire after your queries to get the right solution today.

Specialization : Finance, Marketing, HR Management, Banking and Actuarial, Treasury and Wealth Management, Retail Management, Mega Project Management, Stock and Commodity Market, Hospitality and Tourism Management, International Business, Hotel and Hospitality, Fashion Design Management, Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management, Business Administration, Hotel Management, Hospital Management, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship Management



eklavya educatorsHimalayan University a name tagged to enhance the strength of Indian higher education while offering the quality and nurtureful education in almost every theme of major disciplines. Himalayan University being as a top ranking university of India commits to bring the student with bright future. We also conduct counseling session under the operation head where we analyze the interest of the students as per their past education and experience and then offer the best suited career programs.


Course Fee 74950 x 2 149900
Study Centre Fee 0 0
Prospectus Fee 0 0
Registration Fee 15100 x 1 15100
Exam Fee 0 0
Course Material/Sitting Fee 0 0
Re-Registration Fee 0 0
Total Amount 165000

eklavya educators


  • We are not counselling to any of our NEW aspirants candidates. We are only helping of our existing students. For any type of support and queries related to old enrolled candidates, please contact our representatives at 8010700900 or you can also reach us at